About Neologix Engineering Labs

-Established 2015-

Neologix was devised by founder Jeadi Vilchis while he was a high school student at Oakland High School. He thought of that name while he was dreaming of learning Latin, thinking it meant "New way of thinking". Which is exactly the focus of his mission... To cultivate a new way of thinking for people, especially girls and people of color, to think in new, expansive ways.

We cultivate new paradigms by teaching design thinking, engineering, 2D/3D design, robotics, computer science, and manufacturing.

Some of his makerspace/engineering students have gone on to study at Engineering and Architecture at prestigious universities such as Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley and UC Davis. When he taught college courses in IT/Computer Tech at Year Up, his alumni have gone to work full time at Google, Apple, Facebook and Salesforce. 



Oakland, CA, USA


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